Colette Broadway

Colette is a Security Solutions Architect and Payments Specialist whose qualifications include certification as an ANSI TG-3/TR-39 Auditor and as a CISSP.  She has detailed knowledge of security in the global payments industry on Hardware Security Modules, ATMs, Point of Sale terminals and Acquirer/Issuer Software. 

 Colette has worked with customers ranging from merchant/acquirer through to bank and issuer employing multiple security tools, technologies and best security practices.  Colette has over 20 years of experience in the creation and deployment of payments solutions protecting systems and information assets for diverse companies and organizations related to the payments and financial industry.

 In her last position, Colette worked for Bank of America an ATM Solutions Architect where she contributed to the development and delivery of strategic Self-Service and ATM Architecture as a subject matter expert.   She also provided strategic direction and self-service architecture for individual initiatives related to Customer Management, related functions, and channels using in-depth knowledge of security, data, devices, and transaction processing and business system requirements to recommend innovations that enhanced and/or provided a competitive advantage to the organization.

 Colette implemented architecture processes following the banks standards, policies, and guidelines, collaborating with other domain specific (application, integration and infrastructure) Architects, System Design Engineers and technologists to complete architecture deliverables.   She also participated in vendor identification and assessment/research.

 Prior to that, Colette spent 11 years at Thales eSecurity where she developed detailed custom cryptographic Software Specifications for modifications and new functions requested by customers to the payments Hardware Security Module. 

 Colette assisted Product Management and Development with recommendations on new features to add to the cryptographic hardware security modules, attended ANSI and PCI meetings representing Thales with input into design of cryptographic hardware standards and relayed back to Thales that information so that it could be integrated into Thales HSM design.

Resume available upon request.

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