Things Dan has done in no particular order (Forward looking towards Alzheimer)

Chief Engineer WQMR (1Kw AM) & WGAY (50KW FM), Washington, DC

Chief Engineer WINZ AM (43 KW) & FM (100KW FM, Miami, FL

Involved of construction of WQMR & WGAY Studios

In charge of construction WCRN, Charlotte, Amalie, UUSVI

In charge of construction of Tracks Recording Studio, Miami, FL

In charge of construction of Mini Films recording and film-sound studio, Fort Lauderdale, FL

In charge of (and failed at) at construction VHF repeater station for West Indies TV in Tortola, BVI

 Designed and built a multi-track custom recording console for WFOG, Norfolk, VA.

 Designed and built several broadcast audio consoles, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Designed and responsible for building a line of Teaching machines,, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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