Presentations given at CocoaHeads meetings

The Good the Bad and the UX Slides Interaction Design examples examined.
Best Practices Slides Cocoa, CocoaTouch and Objective-C Coding Best Practices.
Memory Management Slides Objective-C Memory Management and why not to use retainCount.
Git Slides Steps from an existing Xcode project and setting to use a remote repository.
Regular Expressions Slides
Using the NSRegularExpression class and the ICU syntax to apply regular expressions to Unicode strings.
Cryptography Slides
Applied cryptography aimed toward Objective-C.
TDD Stack Demo Code Final code from a TDD live presentation of creating a sinple stack class.
Blocks Basics Slides New to Objective-C, Cocoa APIs use them extensively.
Blocks & ARC Slides New to Objective-C, Cocoa APIs use them extensively.
PKI Cryptography Slides
Diffie-Hellman, RSA, Certificates and CAs.
Memory Slides Low level memory, CPU, Cache, TLB.
User Interface Design Slides Why UX (User Experience) is mportant.
Sniffing The Wire Slides Network Analyzers and Use Cases.
Designed By Raccoons Slides User Interface must be design for the user.
Professional Or Artist Slides If we want to be treated as professions we must behave as professionals.
Coding and Security Errors Slides Coding and security errors must not be “swept under the rug.”
AF477-UX and Errors Slides Software error handling or what crashed AF447.

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