Blogs well worth reading

Big Nerd Ranch Mark Dalrymple Really great information on programming, a must read!
Deserializing JSON Tom Harrington A generic approach to safely take incoming JSON and instantiating an object with the JSON dynamically.
Heapshot bbum When is a Leak not a Leak? Using Heapshot Analysis to Find Undesirable Memory Growth.
retainCount bbum The retainCount method just isn’t very useful.
Class Extensions bbum One of the features added to Objective-C 2.0 is Class Extensions..
Basic Blocks bbum This post is focused solely on the core syntax of Blocks; declaring a block and calling a block.
malloc & debugging bbum Using malloc to Debug Memory Misuse in Cocoa.
Clean Code Uncle Bob Clean Coders is all about educational videos for software professionals, by software professionals. They’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. Add our code-casts to your library and watch Instantly! Watch as many times as you like.
ARC Mike Ash ARC—Apple’s new memory management system, how it works, and how to get the most out of it.
Unit Tests Mike Ash How to write the test code.
Crypto-Gram Bruce Schneier Schneier on Security, A blog covering security and security technology.

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