Sample Code Projects

Antenna Field
This program calculates antenna patterns and is designed toward AM Radio Directional tower arrays. I wrote this as a personal project, it is inspired by a sample program I wrote in 2003 for the PyObjC project. Download
Heap Data Structure Demo
Graphical demo of the Heap data structure including the underlying array. Download
Two very simple calculators, one RPN and the other Infix based, really not very interesting. Download
Symmetric Common Crypto
Common Crypto example implementations including: Random numbers and bytes, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, password key derivation, AES encryption of NSData and Files with Streams. Download
Try PassMaker Passwords
PassMaker is a web based program that creates passwords of user specified lengths which are easy to remember, pronounce and secure. The passwords can easily be remembered because they are composed of two or more pronounceable words joined by special characters. They are secure because they are comprised of three or more components. Download
Modelines XFree86 Calculator
This will calculate XFree86 Modelines for monitors given a few sync and blanking parameters.. Download

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